Curriculum Vitae - Jadranka Mijatovic

My first pure bred dog was a Dalmatian female and then later I was introduced to an already very successful Rough Collie breeder and pretty soon I was the new owner a Rough Collie female and co-owner of a male. The breeder in question was Denis Sabolic (DENNISAY'S Collies), who later became my mentor, my friend and my partner. We continue breeding our Dennisay's-Geantles Collies and have bred or owned over 100 Champions in all three colors and both sexes including International, World & European Champions.  Our Collies were TOP DOGS 22 times, 18 years in a row. Together with Denis, we were the first handlers in the country and were part of a small international group of 4 professional handlers. I was one of the founders of the British Sheepdog Club Zagreb and a member of the Board for 5 years & President of the Breeding Committee. Today I am in the Board of our local KC near Zagreb, where we live now. Over the years I have been involved in organization of a couple of National and International shows with great success.  Currently I am a Chairwoman of a Double International Ch. show known as 4 RIVERS WINNER in Karlovac. Both Denis and I are holders of the GOLDEN MEDAL, one of the e highest awards given by the Croatian Kennel Club for our breeding & showing achievements and also for our overall contribution to Croatian cynology.  I became a dog show judge in 1993.  My first licensed breeds were British Sheepdogs. 10 years later I have finished the FCI Group I and FCI Group V.  Today I am International FCI judge for FCI Group I, III, IV, V, VIII (Retrievers & Am. & English Cockers), IX and X with some additional breeds in the group II, and VI.
During these 24 years I have judged in over 25 countries, 4 Continents, including the Collie National in Melbourne, Australia, which was a great honor for me as a breeder.
Photography is my another passion and four years ago we celebrated 20 years of DEYA PHOTOGRAPHY which is a name renowned throughout the  world.


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1194 Budapest, Hofherr Albert u. 42.
1701 Budapest, Pf. 12.
T: +36 70 457 2763, +36 70 616 3312
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