Curriculum Vitae - Lokodi Csaba Zsolt

As a child I was surrounded by dogs as my parents have bred Hungarian Puli under the name of “Regeni kennel” since 1973. However, I did not maintain the family tradition in breeding Hungarian Puli and I purchased my first Airedale Terrier in the middle of the1980’s, a breed I admired whenever I caught sight of them at the dogshows of the 80’s. Thus, in 1988 I founded my own kennel under the name of “Nyaradmenti”. As years were passing Airedale Terriers were followed by Wirehaired Dachshunds beginning with 1989, and in 1990 I imported in Romania the first Welsh Terrier named Villamgyors Bella. Unfortunately at the beginning of the 90’s the quality of Airedale Terriers in our country was so low that even the imported males could not improvinge the breed. So in the middle of the 90’s I imported a few females from different bloodlines (Lutrahazi, van’t Asbroek, Aluzija, etc) and in 1999 also the famous male Am Ch Terrydale HK Shaireab Online as a new bloodline founder. While we still had to face some problems with the Airedales, the quality of the Welsh Terriers produced in my kennel was showing an ascending tendency towards modern lines. Big stars of the breed in that period were Nyaradmenti Caper, Nyaradmenti Gupi, Nyaradmenti Gina, Nyaradmenti Jill’s, Nyaradmenti Summertime, names that can be found in all the pedigrees of Welsh Terriers born in Romania. I kept a Wirehaired Dachshund as a family dog, that is why I had few litters but all of very good quality, marking the Dachshund breed in Romania. Here I’d like to mention Nyaradmenti Ibis Ribis, Nyaradmenti Idiot Icik (the father of the BOB in the European Dogshow Poznan). At present I breed miniature wirehaired dachshunds. At the beginning of 2000 we gathered our forces with the young kennel of Happytails. This co-operation lasted till 2008, and as a result at the above mentioned 3 breeds we obtained world quality dogs with positive echoes in dogshows in USA, Australia, Russia and Europe.


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T: +36 70 457 2763, +36 70 616 3312
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