Curriculum Vitae - Mile Aleksoski

Born in Skopje , Macedonia, 10-VIII-1970. Macedonian nationality. Married and the proud parent of two child.

In my family we always had a dog in the house. My parents were not breeders, but we have dogs for playing with and shows.

I started breeding in 1990, and became a dog judge in 1994. and since then I have been judging at many National, International and Special dog shows in Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Svicerland, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, France, San Marino, Sweden, Finland,Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Slovakia and Monte Negro. I was JBIS and BIS judge in more than 100 shows.

I became an international judge in 1999 and from January 2006 I am Int. judge for all breeds and all FCI groups (and BIS).

I was a breeder of Sharplaninec ,Dalmatian dogs and now of Bull Terrier and Golden Retriever. The name of my kennel is “Smile of a Mile”.

Since 2009, I am the President of judge organization and General Secretary in Macedonian Kennel Association. From last year I am President of kennel Association of Macedonia. I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from 1996-February and working in my own clinic.


Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetsége
1194 Budapest, Hofherr Albert u. 42.
1701 Budapest, Pf. 12.
T: +36 70 457 2763, +36 70 616 3312
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