Important information

Important information

Dear Exhibitors,

IMPORTANT information about Winter Dog Show:
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Show. You will be able to enter every day from 7:30 am through Gates nr. III and IV of Hungexpo in the ’P5’ parking spot.
Judging will take place in 'F' and 'D' pavilions as from 10 am.

NEW! NEW! NEW! Group judging will take place in the rings (in 'F' and 'D' pavilions) as from 3 pm. The Best in Show program will take place in the Best in Show ring ('F' pavilion) starting at 4 pm.

The judging of FCI breed groups I., III., IV. and V. as well as breed groups juding will be carried out in the 'F' pavilion while the remaining FCI breeds and groups will be judged in the 'D' pavilion.

The Show Office and the Ring Secretary Office can be found in the 'F' pavilion, just like the Junior Handler pre-judging and the Best in Show program.

NEW! NEW! NEW! We’ll send the official confirmations in e-mail soon! You can also find the start number of your dog in the confirmation - please print it out and make sure it is wore prominently and clearly visibly as long as the dog is in the ring.

It is strictly necessary that you bring the medical document of your dog containing the needed vaccinations. We call your attention that further to the current animal health regulations and requirements in place in Hungary the justification of valid anti-rabies vaccination is obligatory - we need to ask you to present it prior entering the Show Venue.

Show Map, Ring Map (allocation of rings) are available soon in the Mini catalog on


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